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 Roseland Festival AGM

St.Mawes Sailing Club, 7.30pm, 21st January.

2013 Roseland Festival eventsWe had our Annual General Meeting in the St.Mawes Sailing Club at 7.30 on Tuesday 21st January. We welcomed some new faces as well as regular supporters with a glass of wine and a bite or two to nibble.

Apart from the normal business of reports and electing a committee we had an open discussion. This is always an ideal time for people to give their ideas of what they would like to be included in 2014, and what they would like to be omitted!!

We are always very happy to hear from anyone interested who may like to come on the committee or to support the Festival in a more background role.   Please contact us if you’re interested to know more.

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Roseland Festival  2014.

2013 Roseland Festival eventsFestival 2014 will be: Saturday 20th September until Saturday 4th October. Please keep an eye on this website for updates.  We would welcome more assistance on our Festival Committee. If you’re interested to know more about what’s involved, please phone Mrs Andy Thomas, 01872 580406.

If you would like to become a sponsor or member then please contact Steve Chapman, 01326 270717.  We look forward to hearing from you. Suggestions for future events are also welcomed.

Thank you for your support.

Andy Thomas, Chairman.

Thank You

2013 Roseland Festival eventsFirstly I would like to thank our sponsors, members, extra helpers and fellow committee members, the backbone of the Festival, for making the 2013 Festival such a successful event.    We have had a tremendous fortnight and I, along with fellow committee members, have received such positive feedback.

The Festival tries to hold events in all the villages on the Roseland and we thank all the churches, clubs, pubs and village halls who have been so kind as to allow us use of their premises.

Roseland Online has also been a great friend of the Festival, and we would like to thank Mark Hatwood for featuring us on the newsletters. We would also like to thank CRBO and the Roseland Parc Retirement Village, Portscatho Post Office and the Roseland Visitor Centre at St.Mawes for selling our tickets.


General Review of 2013 Roseland Festival

The new logo, the revamped programme and altered website have all given the Festival a new lease of life. The year started with a very new committee which included a new chairman and secretary. Everyone has worked their socks off and it has certainly been a steep learning curve. All sorts of unexpected problems have arisen but all have been dealt with.

The Festival opened with the haunting music of Rosa Rebecka in a candle lit St. Just Church – what a start! We have had a variety of music – Jazz, Caribbean, Gospel, Brass Band and the perfectly matched Tresillian Singers and Eight in a Bar who shared the platform at St.Just.

Just you wait for next year’s classical event.

There have not been so many walks this year but we will have to repeat the Tregony Historic Walk as it was over-subscribed and there was a waiting list. Ruan and St.Just Heritage Exhibitions were also very well received.

2013 Roseland Festival eventsNext year will be a hundred years since World War One broke out so no doubt that will be a feature of 2014.

Our talks started with Bees and Veg and it certainly put a buzz into the Festival. Search and Rescue as well as the Barbara Hepworth talk were all most successful and we ended with Kate Bliss who gave a fascinating insight into her career and she did some valuations.

The films were good too, interesting Cornish life ones contrasted with the beautiful Italian Marcello, which had a wonderful ‘feel good’ factor. It might have been an idea to combine Bert Biscoe’s wonderful poetry and music  with the Two Cornish Films, hindsight is a wonderful thing – another year perhaps.

2013 Roseland Festival eventsPlayrite again played to full audiences for two nights and it was so good to watch and listen to the young talent. Speaking of which Jack Retallack did a superb job singing solo at the Plume of Feathers and adding a bit of cabaret, a very, very talented 14 year old, just watch out for him in the future. Jack also did the finale at the Caribbean Evening to a packed hall at the Roseland Community College.

Owdyado, a theatre company, performed their ‘About a Bench’ which had the audience in stitches. It was the last performance of that play, but we hope to welcome them back again next year with their new production. Another very talented pair

The Art Exhibition at St.Antony’s Paraffin Store highlighted two amazing artists, both so different yet both inspired by our coast and landscape.

2013 Roseland Festival eventsFood wasn’t high on the agenda this year but Taste of the Roseland had everyone wanting more. So keep an eye open for what we arrange for next year.

Lucinda’s Scented Candles really gave one an interesting insight into perfumes and antique china, such a ‘sweet smelling’ demonstration. For more craft there was the beading workshop led by Lyn Wain, everyone was hooked on it and so many suggestions were given for future craft days.

We ended the Festival with three amazing events. The Good Vibrations Party Night, Kate Bliss and stomping Catfish Keith, ending Roseland Festival 2013 in style. Possibly the best thanks we could have as a committee was to see the smiling faces leaving at the end of each event.


2013 Roseland Festival eventsThe Roseland Quiz caused quite a stir in the area too with locals and visitors alike looking for different landmarks and clues. Congratulations to Adrian Powell 1st, Suki and Richard Sharp joint 2nd and David Wilson 3rd.

Intrigued to know the answers? 

Roseland Quiz Answers

Pictures: 1. Black Garages Veryan,  2. No 4 Tregony Hill,  3. Creek View Ruan Lanihorn,  4. Former Chapel West Portholland, 5. Penperth,  6.  Creek View St Just,  7.  Tregony Clock Tower, 8.  The Glebe House Philliegh, 9.  Bench at Treworga, 10.  Tippets, 11.  White lanes Chapel, 12.  The Round House Philliegh,  13.  Fishermans Shelter Portscatho, 14.  Plaque on  cottage wall East Portholland,  15.  Hartlea Tregony.  16.  Veryan School.  17.  Trelissa Farmhouse,  18.  Gerrans Church,  19.  Grannys Attic Veryan, 20.  Trewithian Farmhouse,  21.  Roscassa Cottage, 22.  Barn at Demain,  23.  Hawthorn Cottage Trethewel, 24. Chy Round Roundhouse Veryan,  25.  Messack Farmhouse, 26 Portscatho United Church, 27.  Ardevora Veor,  28.  Veryan Church Clock, 29.  Tretheake Manor, 30.  The Shute Ruan Lanihorne, 31.  St Mawes Bakery, 32  St Mawes Castle, 33.  Commerrons Cottage,  34  The Old Piggery at Messack, 35.  The Haven St Mawes, 36.  The Lookout St just, 37.  Clome cottage St Just, 38.  Carricknath (Idle Rocks St Mawes),  39.  St Anthony Lighthouse,  40.  Veryan War Memorial.


Section 2 Questions: 1.  Gerrans  2. Countess of Wessex, 3.  29th Infantry Division, 4. Rev Jeremiah Trist, 5.  Black, 6.  Seven Round Houses in Veryan, 7.  Henry the Eighth Built St Mawes Castle, 8. The Camomile Lawn, 9.  The Hera, 10.  Drum, 11. 263 1/4 Miles, 12.  Fraggle Rock, 13.  Eisenhower, 14.  St Rumon (Ruan), 15.  St Gweep,  16.  Pendower Turning, 17.  Nare Head, 18.  The Port the City of Truro and Falmouth port boundary markers,         19. St Just in Roseland,  20. Sgt Horace Augustus Curtis.